BGSU Football Falcon Club Party Deck

47734The BGSU Falcon Club Party Deck is one of the most unique and best viewing experiences for BGSU Football. Falcon Club members donating at the $250 level and higher are elgible for entrance to the party deck for all home football games. Information about the Party Deck is listed below. For more information, contact the Falcon Club at 419-372-2401.
  • * $250 donation to the Falcon Club Scholarship and Success Fund required for entrance
  • * The Party Deck, located on the second floor of the Sebo Athletic Center, is open to qualifying Falcon Club members and their immediate family
  • * The Party Deck opens one hour prior to kickoff on Game Day
  • * Climate controlled atmosphere with the game shown inside on two large projection screens
  • * Great view from the balcony
  • * Complimentary dry snacks and a cash bar
Join the Falcon Club today to get access to the BGSU Football Falcon Club Party Deck by CLICKING HERE.